Rep. Burchett calls border security compromise ‘mostly pork’


U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett explained Monday his vote against a compromise on border security, calling the $330 billion deal – “mostly pork.” 

The House and Senate passed that measure on Thursday to avoid another federal government shutdown. 

On Friday, we showed you Burchett’s video he posted to Twitter as he walked out of the House chamber following the vote, calling it a “disgrace.”

The measure offers far less than the $5-billion-plus President Donald Trump had wanted for border security. 

President Trump the next day declaring a national emergency, saying he would build the border wall one way or another – using executive power to dip into other pools of funding such as Pentagon and military construction. 

Burchett agrees that the situation at the border amounts to an emergency.

As for the pushback to declaring an emergency, Burchett feels it’s all about opposing the President. 

“The main reason is because Trump is for it, they’re against it and that’s their motive,” Burchett said. “It doesn’t have anything to do with anything else. If Trump said, ‘we gotta drink more water,’ they’d say ‘we gotta get soft drinks in our kindergartens.'”

Congressman Phil Roe voted for the budget deal, as did Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, who was part of the committee that helped negotiate it. 

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