Rep. Fleischmann: Deal to avoid government shutdown promising


A decision could be coming at any time on avoiding another government shutdown. 

One of the key players in negotiations, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee, who says a late-night, last-minute tentative deal looks promising.

Fleischmann is a member of the bipartisan conference committee. He says this has been grueling work between people with such differing views.

“We want to keep the government open, we want to make sure the wall, the barrier, is built,there are funds in previous  appropriations bills so the wall is actually being constructed — I’ve been on the border-I’ve seen that — we want this process to continue. And it will with this agreement.”

Next step, is a vote which Congressman Fleischmann expects to happen tomorrow or Thursday. If it gets a thumbs-up, it’ll go to President Trump for his signature. 

Right now, reports indicate Mr. Trump is not happy with the tentative agreement.

The President wants $5.7 billion allocated to continue to build the wall on the U.S./Mexico border. The tentative agreement apparently doesn’t come close to that. 

If the deadline passes Friday and we enter into another government shutdown, Fleischmann says the same 24 percent of federal workers – that’s the same 800,000 people – will be affected again. 

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