Sponsor aims to get Governor Lee’s input on making Bible official state book of Tennessee


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The main sponsor of the so-called “Bible bill” says he’ll soon be meeting with fellow Republican Governor Bill Lee about the measure.

Rep. Jerry Sexton is on his second try to make the Bible Tennessee’s official state book.

“I have people ask me all the time to bring it back,” Rep. Sexton told WKRN-TV this week.

His words come four years after former Republican Governor Bill Haslam in 2016 successfully vetoed the bill making the bible the state book of Tennessee.

“I did not think there was any need to bring it back as long as he was there…so I did not want to bring it back the first year of a new governor,” added the Bible bill sponsor.

Representative Sexton said the second year of Governor Lee’s term seemed right to bring back the bible bill.

The lawmaker said he’s talked to the governor briefly about the measure, but did not say if Lee was supportive.

“I did not get an either or,” said Rep. Sexton while indicating he did not bring up whether Lee would might veto the Bible bill. “No, I didn’t, but we are going to get back together. we are going to talk.”

Expect talk as well from the 131-other lawmakers who make up the two chambers of the state capitol.

About a third of the members in each chamber were not around in 2016 the last time there were votes to pass the Bible bill.

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