State representative calls for investigation of fake Twitter account


A fake twitter account some thought was connected to the Tennessee Republican party is making news again.

There are still some remnants you can find of the now-shutdown Twitter account, @TEN_GOP.

It surfaced mysteriously in 2015 posting unsubstantiated news stories some thought came from the real Tennessee Republican Party, but State House Democrat leader Mike Stewart said state GOP leaders did not act quickly enough.

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If someone is tweeting under your organization’s name –hatred, vitriol, complete lies it is not a sufficient response to drop an email to Twitter asking them to look into it,” said Stewart.

Stewart called on the state attorney general to look into why state Republicans were slow to report the fake account, which we now know came from a Russian troll.

Tennessee Republican Party executive director Michael Sullivan has said for months that his group tried to stop the fake Twitter account.

“Each time, Twitter either came back and rejected the complaint, or they just outright ignored it,” said Sullivan.
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Sullivan cites congressional investigators, including a Democrat, saying it was Twitter who dropped the ball.

“When a Democratic senator on the Senate intelligence committee defends the action of the Tennessee Republican Party and how we reported it and the number of times we reported it, this just shows its a pathetic attempt by Mike Stewart to score cheap political points,” said Sullivan.

Through a spokesperson, the Attorney General’s office said, “We believe this matter is best addressed first by Tennessee Republican Party.

The added that it “appreciates the seriousness of outside influences on elections,” but “past discussion with the Secretary of State’s office have not resulted in anything requiring further action in relation to the Fall 2016 election.” 

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