Officials have identified the alleged gunman in a shooting at a dental office near Kingsport, Tennessee, as a Sullivan County school bus driver.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office told WJHL that Harry Weaver, 63, is accused of shooting and killing his wife Kelly Weaver, 52, at Guy Dentistry in Colonial Heights on Wednesday.

The chairperson of the Sullivan County School Board also told WJHL that Harry Weaver is a bus driver for the county school system.

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Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said Wednesday Harry Weaver entered the office and shot his wife who worked there. Another patient in the office with a carry permit then shot the gunman and held him until law enforcement arrived.

Cassidy says the suspect went into the office intending to kill his wife, but fears more people could have been killed or injured had the suspected gunman not been stopped. 

Harry Weaver was undergoing surgery on Wednesday for his gunshot wounds. He faces one count of first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault.