KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The overhauled online registry of sex offenders in the state launched this week and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says it gives the public valuable resources related to personal and digital safety. The new sex offender registry shares personal information; not only for where they live but also where they work.

Near the top of the new registry site features wanted sex offenders in the state who are in violation of the state’s sex offender registry laws. Site users can also view map data, safety and education and sign up for email alerts.

TBI officials said Wednesday they launched the overhauled sex offender registry in order to “modernize the look, feel, and operation of the public safety resource.” Funding for the project secured by the TBI stems from grants totaling more than $180,000 from U.S. Department of Justice and contracted a private vendor, Steeple Technologies, to program a majority of the new registry.

TBI also worked with the State of Tennessee’s Strategic Technology Solutions group to refresh the mapping portion of the site.

More than two years of planning and programming went into the sex offender registry that officials say now features “clearer navigation, more robust email notifications, a heightened focus on fugitive offenders.”

The registry features not only each sex offenders’ name, photo and last known address but also the address of their employer and other personal information.

The Tennessee Code, Title 40 – Criminal Procedure, Chapter 39 states that the Tennessee General Assembly finds and declares that persons convicted of these sexual offenses have a reduced expectation of privacy because of the public’s interest in public safety.

According to the site, the registry “exists as a public information resource allowing citizens to take proactive measures to ensure the safety in their communities.” it’s updated daily and the TBI does not guarantee the accuracy of the shared information. The registry is updated daily.

The new Tennessee Sex Offender Registry can be accessed on TBI’s website,

“While the TBI serves as the repository for sex offender data, local law enforcement agencies handle responsibilities related to updating offender profiles in accordance to state law,” the TBI said in its release about the new registry. “The overhaul of the public-facing registry follows updates, several years ago, to the software systems law enforcement agencies use to update offender data.”

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