KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – With the state mired in freezing temperatures and potentially dangerous wind chill values, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency’s current activation status is at a Level Three-State of Emergency.

The level three activation status denotes that, “a serious emergency or minor disaster has occurred or a situation is deteriorating rapidly and public warnings are being issued.” The Tennessee Emergency Management Plan (TEMP) is activated and a state of emergency is automatically declared at level three.

At this level, key or specifically needed emergency service coordinators for state departments are recalled to the state’s Emergency Operations Center.

Level Five are are normal operation while Level One describes a catastrophic disaster.

The Tennessee Valley Authority on Friday briefly instituted rolling blackouts for some local power companies as the low temperatures caused what the federally owned utility corporation called ‘unprecedented demand’ on their power system.

Customers are still asked to reduce their electricity use as much as possible until further notice to ensure reliable service for all.

Frigid conditions across East Tennessee are expected to continue through the weekend and temperatures aren’t expected to reach above freezing until early next week.