NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Tennessee House of Representatives Transportation Committee is pushing forward a series of transportation bills, including one that supports adding choice lanes to state roads.

During the presentation of HB0321, representatives said building choice lanes would open up funding for other projects, including alleviating urban congestion and funding rural road projects across the state.

Some representatives said the bill is necessary because Tennessee has a highway funding system that hasn’t kept up with inflation. For example, they said the state is down $4 million in gas tax revenue compared to last year.

The bill also proposes an annual registration fee for the growing number of electric vehicles on the road as they don’t currently pay a gas tax.

“If we don’t have adequate investments, and I get that this is trying to deal with that and our infrastructure, and have the courage now to make these tough decisions for the state to benefit for future generations, then I’m afraid that we’re not going far enough,” said Representative James Powell.

Lawmakers said they want to make sure efforts to improve rural roads are not forgotten about as the plan moves forward.

“I’ve talked to the Commissioner about Highway 62 in my district and we’ve had, with the exception of last week, a fatality a week, sometimes two in one week on that highway,” said Representative Ed Butler. “It desperately needs widening.”

While it’s unclear how much money choice lanes will generate in Tennessee, lawmakers noted a choice lane built near Atlanta, Georgia generated $40 million in its first year.

The full House and Senate will now need to approve the bill for it to move forward.