KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – As warmer weather approaches, more bikes and scooters will be on the roads.

Zoe Scott, Communications Coordinator for Bike Walk Knoxville, a local nonprofit organization reminds drivers there is a law they must abide by if you are passing bikers. “In Tennessee we have what is called a three foot law, which means anytime that you as a driver is passing a bike you have to give at least three feet of space to make that pass safely,” Scott said. “That’s three feet from your mirrors to their handlebars, so it can can sometimes be a little wider than you think.”

There are bike lanes throughout the city designated for bikers and scooters. If there are no bike lanes on the road you are on, both should ride on the right side of the lane, going with traffic.

“We are supposed to stop at stop signs, yield all that same type of stuff,” Scott said.

In the City of Knoxville bikers can use the sidewalk, however they are suppose to act as pedestrians instead of vehicles. Electric scooters, however must stay on the road.

“Scooters are legally suppose to be in the roadway. We do recommend they use a bike lane whenever it is available,” Scott said. “Scooters are not allowed on the sidewalk, that space is specifically reserved for pedestrians.”

The biggest advice Scott has for drivers is to slow down. “The biggest thing we know is that as a driver you can’t avoid what you can’t see, as our speeds increase, your field of vision narrows a lot,” she said.