Testing out As Seen On TV’s Miracle Spin Mop


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – In our ongoing series testing out “As Seen on TV” products, we’re trying out the “Miracle Spin Mop”.

It costs $39.99 at Lily’s As Seen on TV Store.

It claims to take out some of the tedious parts of mopping your floor-wringing out the mop and bending to reach sides and corners.

The infomercial says the Miracle Spin Mop uses patented spinning technology.

Mona tested out the mop on her kitchen floor and found the mop lived up to its claims.

She was able to avoid wringing out the mop by using the spinning bowl that rotated and wring out the wet mop.

Also, she was able to get to hard to reach areas without bending much.

Based on our segment, we’d recommend the Miracle Spin Mop.

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