Texas flooding leaves East Tennesseans wondering if they need flood insurance


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Record rainfall and extreme flooding in Texas have left some East Tennesseans wondering if they need flood insurance.

An incredible amount has caused flooding throughout Texas. Cars are under water, roads aren’t drivable and homes are damaged or destroyed.

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“Yes, I am interested in flood insurance due to the past flooding in this area,” said James Blance, who lives in a flood prone area.

Blance has only been living on Prosser Road for a short time. He’s noticed that every time it rains, his yard floods.

“The water is coming down in from the street down and holding up residence, and this entire area is flooded,” said Blance.

To play it safe, Blance is interested in flood insurance because he doesn’t want the floodwaters from his yard to reach his house.

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Prosser Road has had decades of flooding issues in Knoxville. The city had to shut it down for reconstruction. It re-opened for traffic earlier this year after the city invested more than $1 million to raise the road and add storm drains.

Even though Blance is thinking about flood insurance, experts say it isn’t for everyone. You only need it if you live in a flood zone.

Glenn Jacobs, with Jacobs Insurance Agency, says it’s a must if you live in one of the flood areas.

“You’re not eligible for this program if you don’t live in one of those areas,” he said. “It’s not an option. You have to get it,” said Jacobs.

Flood insurance can be expensive, but it depends on where you live. If you would like to know if a home you’re interested in is in a flood zone.

More online: FEMA Flood Map Service Center

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