‘The best thing I like to do is to bowl’: Knoxville woman attributes bowling to living a long, healthy life


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — What’s the secret to longevity? One Knoxville woman would say it’s being able to play the sport she loves.

Meg Ruckman said she got her love for bowling from her daughter.

Once she picked up a bowling ball and knocked down some pins, she realized she was pretty good at it.

“I came here from another state and I was a little bored I guess, and she was a bowler, so she decided ‘you’re gonna bowl,'” said Ruckman. “So she got me into bowling and I’ve been bowling ever since.”

Wendy Cox is the general manager of Strike and Spare and has formed a special bond with Meg over the years.

“As you get older, you try to find ways to exercise, and this is great for her,” said Cox. “So this is where her heart is.”

Meg is on a senior bowling league.

“Anyone over the age of 50 can come in bowling leagues,” explained Cox.

Meg is by far the most senior member of the senior league at 102 years old.

“We had a big party for her when she turned 102 and she was the queen of the day,” smiled Cox. “She loved it.”

Meg says that it’s bowling that keeps her going,

“The best thing I like to do is to bowl.”

She’s been knocking down pins for over 60 years and met her boyfriend Walter Salsbury bowling nearly twelve years ago.

“Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long,” Walt laughed.

Meg loves to talk about her daughter and grandson and of course she loves to talk about bowling, but she’s modest about her time volunteering with the Red Cross and other life events she’s experienced.

“She’s lived through the depression you know all the history and stuff she’s live through it’s just amazing,” Cox explained.

Meg said it’s not those life experiences that keep her going, but the fact that she gets to wake up and do what she loves: bowl. She bowls twice a week at Strike and Spare.

To find out more about the senior leagues, you can call (865) 588-1312.

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