KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – With so many people at home right now, ESPN’s new series “The Last Dance” has become a bit of a ratings cash cow the last few weeks, averaging over 5 million viewers through the first eight episodes. The documentary not only adds to the legacy of Michael Jordan but also his value.

“Anybody 30 and up or 35 and up all know who Michael Jordan is so the only ones you have to teach is the ones that are 30 and under which is what this documentary is doing,” Eddie Barkley said, owner of Eddie’s Sports Treasures in Knoxville.

Barkley found himself with some extra cash in the bank a while back, he went looking for an investment.

“I started talking with my employee about things I could invest in, I ended up with five Michael Jordan rookies that were selling for $1,200 bucks.”

ESPN’s “Last Dance” has now ensured a return on investment.

The PSA 4 graded Michael Jordan rookie card that Barkley acquired has more than doubled in value in the last month, now retailing for $3,000. 

The card value on Michael Jordan rookie cards have blown up, the demand has been really crazy.”

Jordan’s cards have the eye-catching price tag, but teammates Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman’s cards have also increased in value since The Last Dance premiered. 

“Some cards that were selling for a dollar before are selling for eight bucks, ten bucks so it’s been great for the hobby.”

There is some confusion around Jordan’s rookie card. The card wasn’t released until 1986, ahead of his third season in the league. But that’s no fluke.

“After the 1981 season Topps had a license and they stopped making basketball cards because there was zero demand for basketball cards. People just didn’t buy them, so you didn’t have any products made from ’81 through ’86. So, Flare came out and made one set that featured all of them: Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan are all in the same set so it’s literally the basketball set.”

Recently, Barkley made another investment with the purchase of a PSA 8 graded rookie card from that very set valued at $8,000.

If the documentary has taught him anything it’s that there’s few gambles when it comes to his royal airness.

“There’s certain athletes that aren’t going down. Michael Jordan by far is the most popular athlete of all-time. Unless he does something stupid and bizarre it’s not going down.”

Now, a PSA 10 mint condition Michael Jordan rookie card recently sold for nearly $100,000.