Three East TN primary care clinics close Friday


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Three clinics many people count on for primary care are closed.

SR Medical Services on North Peters Road, Clinton Highway, and the Maryville clinic are closed effective shutdown Friday, according to a notice posted outside the Clinton Highway location.

Their Harriman office will remain open.

The notice, dated Sept. 19, also reads patients can call the Harriman office to speak about any health issues through Oct. 19.

They’ll provide medical records to a patient’s new care provider, if they fill out and sign a medical records release form with a location to send them.

SR Medical’s Harriman location isn’t an option for Rose Albers, because of the nearly one hour drive.

She called her clinic on Clinton Highway Monday, hoping to be seen Wednesday because she was having some leg pain didn’t want it to get worse. That’s when she heard they were closing and not scheduling any more appointments.

Albers began looking for a new care provider immediately. She even called their insurance company for recommendations.

“We called every doctor in the area trying to get an appointment that will take our insurance because we have AARP and United Healthcare. They can’t get us in, a new patient, until the end of October.”

Both Rose and her husband, Dan, both need primary care of their many medications. Rose takes Fosamax for osteoporosis and Dan has medicine, including for his heart and blood pressure.

Rose has an appointment next week with a specialist, but: “Wednesday, I started walking and I heard a pop. I wound up going to the emergency room, and I spent all day there and got out at night,” she said. Their doctors found some calcium on her meniscus may have broken off.

Despite the impact on Albers, they’re more concerned about the impact these closures could have on other people in our area.

“There’s a lot of people that come there and they’re much worse off than we are,” Rose said. “They’re in wheelchairs, they have transport coming, and those people, where are they going to go?”

We spoke with Karina Hoffman, Chief Financial Officer for SR Medical, following the 4 p.m. newscast. She said the decision to close the three clinics is due to a need for the company to downsize.

In addition to their Harriman location, Hoffman said, they’ll also continue their mobile care service, which is for homebound patients on Medicare or in assisted living.


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