Army veteran’s home burglarized, pleads for return of prized possessions

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SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WATE) – A local Army veteran pleading for the return of his most prized possessions after his home was burglarized.

The suspect, allegedly taking thousands of dollars worth of items from the home of Issac Burleson.

The thing he’s most worried about are some priceless family heirlooms.

Issac Burleson walked in on Thursday evening to his Seymour home ransacked, his dog locked in a bathroom, and most of his belongings stolen.

“All the drawers were open, all the cabinets, everything. Couch cushions were pulled off and thrown on the floor. TV and Xbox was gone.”

Issac Burleson

It wasn’t just Burleson’s valuables that were taken, he says the suspect took more priceless items with sentimental value to him and his family.

“There was a 30-year-old guitar that my wife had given me on our first Christmas. I had given it to him since I’ve gotten a new one and that’s gone.”

Michael Burleson – Issac’s Father

Burleson will have to replace his Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, and medical records; but he says the things he wants back the most, can’t be replaced.

His grandfather’s 48 star flag and WWII journal, and his tan Army beret were the things that meant the most to him.

“If they didn’t give anything back and those just showed up on the porch one day, that would make everything a lot better.”

Issac Burleson

Issac’s father says he’s willing to forgive but still wants to know why.

“Why do you think you deserve to take things from people that you did not work to get?”

Michael Burleson

Burleson has gotten new locks for his doors and plans to install a security system. He says he’s most grateful his dog wasn’t hurt during the incident.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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