KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Stopping at a red light left John “Bones” Antus with fractured ribs and bleeding on the brain.

Antus has been working as singer-songwriter EmiSunshine’s tour manager for approximately five years. He is on the bus traveling with the band for every event, but is also in attendance for their family holidays.

“We have so much more than just a business relationship, I am at their family’s house multiple days a week,” said Antus. “I am their northern family, it’s like ying and yang.”

With tour season being slow during this time of year, Antus picked up a part-time job at the Stillhouse Tavern in Bearden. On his way home from work on Jan. 23, he was rear-ended at a red light near Cedar Bluff.

“My car looks like shredded metal,” said Antus.

He was initially taken to Parkwest Medical Center where doctors performed a CT scan on Antus’ head. Upon realizing he had bleeding on the brain, he was transported to the University of Tennessee’s Emergency Center to be placed in the trauma department.

“They were fabulous, all of the doctors and trauma specialists,” said Antus. “They took care of me there.”

After many hours of hospitalization, another CT scan was conducted. The bleeding on Antus’ brain had stopped. Unfortunately, he still is left with a few fractured ribs.

Antus adds that having fractured ribs presents difficulty with normal day to day activities such as, coughing, sneezing and even getting out of bed.

Doing his best to heal, he hopes to get back to work soon. The doctors project Antus’ injuries will heal slowly, but there is not yet a set time frame for his recovery.

Jill Kuhl, a close friend from his hometown of Long Island, NY, started a GoFundMe to aid in Antus’ recovery and medical bills. The GoFundMe has a goal of $10,000. If you would like to donate to the cause you can do so at