KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Restaurant inspections are unannounced and they’re routinely conducted every six months, sometimes to the day.

When the health inspector showed up at this eatery in Sevierville, he apparently caught them by surprise:

The Fresh Italian Kitchen, 737 Dolly Parton Pkwy. – Grade: 75

The grade is a 75 at The Fresh Italian Kitchen on Dolly Parton Parkway. A score below 70 is considered “unsanitary” by the health department.

There were quite several critical violations checked off in the state health inspection report. Among them are 59 items for which the manager has to prepare.

Turned out the manager could not answer questions about state health rules, but the person in charge is supposed to have a general knowledge so they can pass that information onto employees. For instance, a kitchen worker was observed using his bare hands as he put break into a takeout container. Regulations say when handling food, gloves are supposed to be worn.

When the inspector checked the dishwasher, he discovered no sanitizer was running through the rinse cycle. But it’s required to protect dishes and silverware from all contaminants.

Here is something you don’t want to see if you go into a restaurant — cockroaches. The inspector writes they were found – alive – on the kitchen floor at The Fresh Italian Kitchen.

There were also several food temperature issues. Garlic oil on the steam table was at 82 degrees, but 135 plus is the safe hot temperature. On the other end of the temperature scale, sliced tomatoes and Ricotta cheese were at 55 degrees, but 41 and below is the required cool temperature to slow bacteria growth.

The Fresh Italian Kitchen in Sevierville will be re-inspected soon.

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