KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Seven people were arrested after a demonstration at a Knox County Commission work session Monday night as they were calling for the release of bodycam footage from the fatal Austin-East shooting last week. This according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Protester David Hayes says they were aware of the possible consequences, but they wanted their voices to be heard, and they knew interrupting the meeting would get the commissioners’ attention.

“No more business as usual. It’s far too often we have tragedies and traumas happen in our community and people affected and they just keep doing the same old thing and don’t address our problems,” Hayes said.

KCSO reports at this time the following people were arrested, but their arrest reports are not yet available.

  • Calvin Skinner
  • Constance Every
  • Gavin Guinn
  • Kevin Andrews
  • Mary Winter
  • Carrie Hopper
  • Aaron Valentine

KCSO also says the notice pictured below was posted on all entrances, and assembly doors:

EARLIER: Dozens interrupt county commission work session calling for release of bodycam footage from fatal Austin-East shooting

A demonstration with dozens of people was dispersed in minutes at a Knox County Commission work session Monday evening.

A group of demonstrators gathered at the plaza in front of the City-County Building then marched into the commission work session calling for the release of the body camera footage from last week’s officer-involved shooting that left one Austin-East student dead and one Knoxville Police officer injured.

Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen said in a press conference last week that she would not release the bodycam footage until an appropriate time, citing the ongoing investigation.

Calls from the community and city officials urging the release of the bodycam footage have continued. Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon held another press conference on Monday morning to share that the city had filed a petition with Knox County Criminal Court for the release of the bodycam footage related to the shooting.

On Monday evening, shortly after the demonstrators entered the work session, some of them were detained by police, and others were escorted from the meeting.

Shortly after, the work session resumed.

County commissioners used a portion of the meeting to gain more insight about safety and security in Knox County Schools. Superintendent Bob Thomas as well as KCS Chief of security Gus Paidousis provided insight to safety protocols in the schools and new measures that will be put in place at Austin-East when students return.

This is a developing story.