KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)– A Knox County woman is fighting for her life as she battles with COVID-19.

Sarah Stidam has a whole team standing behind her.

In fact, a Facebook page named, Prayers for Sarah Stidam, is calling for prayers and has more than 1,400 members.

WATE 6 On Your Side reporter Kristen Gallant spoke with Sarah’s supporters who are praying for her recovery.

We’ve all heard that slow and steady wins the race, and being strong helps when you’re fighting for your life.

“She loves sea turtles because on land they’re as slow as can be,” explained Tim Stidam, Sarah’s husband. “I don’t think there’s anything other than a sloth that goes slower than a sea turtle on land, but you get them in the water where they’re strong and you can’t catch them.”

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease that slowly eats away at the nervous system, Sarah Stidam quickly became an advocate for those dealing with the same battle.

“She’s a lot stronger than me, ” Tim said.

Now, Sarah has her own support as she deals with both the affects of MS and COVID-19.

“Whatever Gods plan is. If it’s to take her home I’ll glorify Him for that, but if it’s to leave her here that would be good too,” Tim said behind tears.

Since Dec. 20, Sarah Stidam has been in the hospital due to the virus, and since Dec. 23 she’s been on a ventilator.

However, Sarah isn’t alone in her battle.

People from across the country are “Sarah Strong,” buying T-shirts with the hashtag to support their dear friend.

One sweet treat from Marble City Sweets is now making an impact.

“Probably about three month ago I saw this cookie cutter that was in a sea turtle shape that looks exactly like the one she has,” Lisa Varnado, a close friend to the Stidams and owner of Marble City Sweets, said. “I knew I had to get it.

“I never really buy cookie cutters for people, it’s always like events, like that would be great for events like a baby shower or something like that, but I saw this cookie cutter and knew I had to get it and that I would make something for her at some point.”

Those turtle cookies were given to Sarah’s care team in the hospital and now Marble City Sweets is selling them to help with the Stidam Family’s medical bills.

“All the proceeds for those cookies are going to go towards them,” D’Brian Varnado, co-owner of Marble City Sweets, said.

Sarah’s progress has been slow but steady, and she has a strong team behind her.

Shawn and Kelly Short have also partnered with the Stidam family to create shirts for Sarah. Templar Printing, operated by the Shorts, is selling the clothing items to help with medical expenses.

Screenshot of a shirt design from

All proceeds from the shirts go directly to Sarah.

You can purchase a shirt by emailing or visiting the Templar Printing website HERE.

A GoFundMe page has been made to help the family pay for medical bills.

Marble City Sweets will be selling the turtle cookies for the Stidam family from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Crafts&Coffee Fair at 6341 Middlebrook Pike.