KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Family members of J’Lynn, the 7-year-old girl that was hit by a car while crossing the street on Wednesday in Anderson County, says she is in a “fight for her life.”

A cousin, Adriane Berry, said J’Lynn is in critical condition and was undergoing surgery Thursday at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

J’Lynn was struck by a car while crossing Edgemoor Road in Claxton.

Berry said the family would like everyone to take photos of themselves wearing pink — J’Lynn’s favorite color — and share them on social media using the hashtag #jlynnstrong.

According to a crash report, three pedestrians were standing in a continuous turn lane. The family says one of those with J’Lynn crossing the street was her 16-year-old sister.

“I had just gotten off my phone, off the phone with her mom just 10 minutes prior and the kids were in the background and they were going to go the corner store. That was, it was just a regular day. And a few minutes later, I had got the call that she had been hit,” Berry said.

The report says J’Lynn walked out of the turn lane into the vehicle’s lane of travel within the roadway.

The driver stopped immediately and ran to assist the family. A passenger also ran to check on the child’s condition.

Berry said the family “knows it was an accident” and are thankful the driver stopped.

“If he is listening, if his family is listening, we want them to know that we’re praying for them as well. As we pray for J’Lynn’s healing, we’re praying that he has healing of mind and thought as well,” Berry said.

They also say they are thankful to the community for the outpouring of love, and are asking for prayers at this time.

Berry said she was on the phone with J’Lynn’s mom shortly after the crash unfolded, and as she was praying, she heard passerby’s stop and pray with the mom as well.

She said that’s all the family wants right now–prayers.

“We’ve been told she has a very tough road ahead of her. It is going to be a long recovery. It is going to be something that she’s going to have to deal with, but we are confident that she’s going to keep fighting,” Berry said.

Berry said J’Lynn is the sweetest girl, confident and strong, but sometimes shy.

She said J’Lynn has a lot of love for her family.

“She’s extremely close to her younger sister Je’Leiah. So that was her baby when Je’Leiah was born. She was changing diapers, she was wanting to feed her. She wanted to do everything. That was her baby,” Berry said.

She said J’Lynn is a girly-girl, who loves getting her hair and nails done, and loves scrolling through TikTok.

The family said to show support, wear pink on Friday and use the hashtag #jlynnstrong on social media so they can later share with the little girl how many people were praying for her.

An investigation by the Tennessee Highway Patrol is ongoing.