KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Family and friends are remembering the victim in Knoxville’s latest deadly shooting. It happened Sunday evening on Catalpa Avenue. Police say J’Michael Dossett, 26, was killed.

His mother and a family friend say they never would have expected this.

“Right now, I’m very, very numb. I have my good moments because I think of good things and we’re sharing good memories. Then, I have my moments where I just understand that I will never hear his voice again other than videos that we have. I will never see him again other than pictures and things that we have,” said Dossett’s mom, Kasonta Daniels.

“There are so many mothers that I look at and it just hurts my heart to just see them hurting. Now I’m that mom. Now I know exactly how they feel. I didn’t know how they felt, but I felt for them.”

Daniels is remembering her son’s loving heart and giving spirit. “He works for a homeless shelter here in our area, which is something he actually loves doing, is helping the people there at the homeless shelter.”

Dossett lived in Georgia but was in Knoxville for his daughter’s fourth birthday party.

“He made a commitment this weekend that he was going to drive from Macon to Knoxville to see his little girl on her birthday, and he said that nothing was going to stop him from doing that. So it’s just a tragedy that when he was up there to see her that he lost his life in this fashion,” said family friend Ryan Scafe.

“I just wish unfortunately something would have come up where he just had to mail it in, to mail her her things, because she would still have her daddy and I would still have my son,” said Daniels.

Knoxville police say they’re actively investigating what led to the shooting. So far, they have not yet arrested anyone.