KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — It’s no secret holidays are going to cost more this year thanks to inflation. However, increased prices don’t seem to be deterring shoppers dedicated to having a scrumptious spread this Thanksgiving.

Despite inflation, Food City shoppers in Fountain City are grabbing the carts and hitting the aisles.

“It’s probably one of the biggest days of the entire year,” said Kenny Greene, Food City Manager. “This past weekend it started. As it gets closer to Thursday, it’s haywire usually.”

As some shoppers spend Thanksgiving in the kitchen, others are taking a different route.

“A lot of people this year are going to get a meal that’s already prepared in our bakery deli that has your turkey or ham with all the sides,” explained Greene.

While that option may seem tempting, there’s an issue. So many meals have been bought, there’s not any left.

“It’s a very convenient situation for them so we’ve had a lot more upfront than we’ve had in the past by quite a few,” Greene told WATE.

Even though the pre-made meals are gone, there are still plenty of turkeys, rolls, yams and stuffing left, but Greene says you better get it fast.

“Make a good plan, come in ready to go. Bring your kids with you to help you split up divide it up and try to get through here as quick as possible.”

According to this year’s Farm Bureau Survey, the average person is expected to spend $64.05 on this year’s Thanksgiving meal, which is “less than $6.50 per person.” This is a 20% increase from 2021’s average of $53.31.

The survey also says a 160-pound turkey costs just under $29, which is up from 21% from last year. Meanwhile, cube stuffing will cost around $3.80. Finally, sweet potatoes cost just below $4.

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