‘It’s like winning the lottery’: Knoxville woman shares experience getting COVID booster shot

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Last week the US Government recommended all vaccinated Americans get a COVID-19 booster shot to help give them more protection against the virus.

The booster is available now for those with compromised immune systems. Some people here in East Tennessee are already starting to get theirs.

The empty space on the third line of Kim Dukes covid vaccine card is now filled in, and she’s very excited.

“It’s like winning the lottery getting to take the booster,” Dukes said.

Dukes hasn’t always had a lucky draw when it comes to her health. She’s a three-time cancer survivor and is living without a spleen, making her immunocompromised. It’s why getting the first round of the vaccine was important to her, and why she wasted no time getting the booster.

“I knew that it would be available at some point and that’s why I called my doctor to find out if I was eligible and I was so I went yesterday to get it.”

Because of her immunocompromised status, Dukes’ doctor told her she was eligible for the booster before the recommended 8 months.

She says the process was easy. She went to her local Walgreens, answered a few questions, and got the vaccine. Other than soreness in her arm, she says she’s had no side effects so far.

“It’s important because it’s life-saving and it’s to protect the people around me that I love,” Dukes said.

Her youngest son is one of those people. He is also a cancer survivor.

“My message is just that it could save your life and save the ones around you that you love,” Dukes said.

The CDC recommends those who are immunocompromised consider receiving the third dose of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine at least 28 days after the initial vaccine series.

If you do not have any underlying health issues, and got the Pfizer or Moderna shot, the CDC recommends you get a booster 8 months after your second dose.

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