KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Local businesses are being forced to change the way they operate as fear of the spread of COVID-19 grows across the country.

On Tuesday morning, Agri Feed Pet Supply in West Knoxville was bustling with activity.

One by one, tractor-trailers arrived carrying loads of feed, farm supplies, and hope.

One of those trucks driven by Chris Melton, owner of Melton Hauling out of Nashville, excited for the boom in business.

“Business is booming…we deliver all the Purina feed to all the stores in Tennessee, Kentucky, northern Alabama and Mississippi,” said Melton.

Truck drivers working to keep up with the growing demand to keep the food chain going.

“The grain trucks are running, the ingredients are still making it to the mills, and the trucks are still running,” said Melton.

Trucking companies are classified as an essential business not affected by “stay at home” orders across the country.

This is welcome news from business owners like Britt Sturm, a third-generation owner and vice president of Agri Feed.

The store, open for more than 40 years, is working to change its operation.”We now have delivery, online ordering, and a drive-thru system,” said Sturm.

Sturm adding his business is also doing very well, and he is thankful for the community support.

He adds his company is doing everything he can to keep people safe and healthy.

“The good Lord has blessed us, we’re going to get food to the dealers and we’ll get it out to the customers as fast as we can,” said Melton.

Both business owners want customers to remember not to panic, the supply chain is not broken, and they are working to serve customers as best as they can, for as long as they can.