Kentucky State Police, Post 10 Harlan, has opened an investigation in Bell County where someone was pulled over by two unmarked vehicles less than a mile apart on U.S. 25 E.

The incident occurred near Bell County Veterinarian Clinic and the Imperial Bait Shop in the Middlesboro community of Bell County.

According to reports, a female was driving down US 25 E when an unmarked green SUV pulled her over. A man wearing a red Carhartt jacket with a badge around his neck approached the vehicle and said she was speeding but never asked for paperwork. The man told her to slow down and let her go.

The victim then said she was stopped again by a navy blue SUV less than a mile later. This time a man approached the vehicle and asked for her license. This person was not wearing a badge. The man then began screaming at her and hitting her vehicle and left.

The victim told the man she was calling the State Police and he ran back to his vehicle and left.

Kentucky State Police will have extra patrol in the area and they are asking the public for assistance in this case.

If anyone is stopped by these individuals or has information about the vehicles, contact Kentucky State Police, Post 10 immediately at (606) 573-3131.

Also if anyone has information about these vehicles or individuals you are urged to contact Post 10 at 606-573-3131.

The incident is still under investigation.