KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) Game day on Rocky Top is always exciting for fans, but it was a little more special for the kids who each take on their own opponent as they battle different illnesses.

Through Special Spectators, the all volunteer based non-profit works with Children’s Hospital and UT’s athletic department to make sure the kids can feel like winners as they get the opportunity to go on the Vol Walk and meet some of the players. 

“It really takes their mind off of everything that they’re having to deal with and really giving the families a sense of normalcy,” Blake Rockwell, the founder and executive director of Special Spectators said.

It’s a moment the kids and their families will never forget, including 13-year-old Jeremy Lamb who didn’t know if he was even going to make it onto the field.

“I’ve been in the hospital for chemo,” he said.

Jeremy was diagnosed with cancer in March. Through the ups and downs of it all, this week, he played great offense against his battle with cancer and was able to be a part of the big orange family.

For others, being a part of this VIP fan experience has a different meaning. 16-year-old Jude Anderson said he’s made it this far because of the encouragement he’s received from a Vol himself.

“I hope my boy Jeremy (Banks) does real well out there and all the team members too. It’s also because he’s been there for me,” Anderson said. “He talked to me and he said, ‘Jude, here’s what I want you to know. Just do well, get the help you need and you’ll be a lot better person,'” he said. “I’m glad that he gave me that advice.”

Regardless of what each child looked forward to before kickoff, this game will always mean more to them.

“Ultimately, every family takes something back with them or there’s something that they really cherish or remember about the day, and that’s really what we strive for,” Rockwell said.

The organization was able to take around 15 kids to the game Saturday.