KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knox County Health Department has reported “unusually high overdose activity” during a 48-hour period. Opioids such as heroin and fentanyl are suspected to be the culprits in the majority of the reported 32 overdoses in two days.

The health department reported that between Nov. 1-3, there were 32 reported overdoses just in Knox County. None were fatal.

“This is an unusually high number for this time frame which typically sees a quarter of what is currently being reported,” the health department stated.

“This is a sad statistic that proves we have a lot more work to do on the opioid epidemic,” Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs stated in a news release from the health department.

Free naloxone may be obtained by reaching out to the Metro Drug Coalition at 865-588-5550.

“We encourage friends, families, and neighbors to check on their loved ones who may be at risk for an overdose and let them know there is high overdose activity right now,” said Erin Read, Division Director of Substance Misuse Response at KCHD. “We urge anyone who is planning on using drugs to always have naloxone on hand and to never use alone.”

Last month, the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office reported 40 suspected overdose deaths in the area. There have been two overdose deaths reported in November as of Nov. 4. This year so far, according to the available data, there have been 409 deaths.