UPDATE (7:25 p.m.) — Michelle Lawson said she received a call from the a city of Knoxville employee who said that the cross and flower pot from the roadside memorial for her son Quinton Fields had been found. The mementos were found in the middle of the road and picked up by a city worker.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville mother whose son was killed last year is hoping that items taken from a roadside memorial she drives by every day will be returned.

Quinton Fields died last year when he was hit by a car at the intersection of Clinch and Henley Street after a UT football game.

His family and friends put up a cross and other items at the intersection where he was killed but when they drove by the other day, they noticed some of those items were gone.

Quinton’s mom, Michelle Lawson, said this past year has been heartbreaking after losing her son and now this. 

“We just love him and miss him,” she said. “He was loving, amazing, great father of two little girls. I want to say perfect but he’s my son so I would say perfect, but he was almost perfect. He never got into any trouble. He was a good kid.”

Lawson said this past year has been really hard on her family, “I stay strong for my other kids. You know, I got four more. So you know, ten grandbabies, so I’m trying to stay strong for them and his girlfriend, the mother of his babies. We’ve become really really close but year, it’s been hard.”

His mom put up the memorial to remember him and drives by it to go to work almost every day.

“We decorate it all the time but we painted everything blue because his favorite color is blue,” she said. 

However, the other day when Michelle drove by, she noticed that her decorations were gone.

“We put brand new pictures on it, brand new flowers in it, happy birthday balloons, and just everything was gone. Just gone.”

Just a few small mementos were standing.

“The cross was actually handmade for him and we just had decorated it for his birthday,” she said.

She said she doesn’t know who would do such a thing. She just wants her flower pot and cross with his pictures back.

“Whoever done it I hope they get in trouble and know that they can’t do that… Drunk or sober. You know, you shouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t want to do that to nobody.”

She said she’ll replace it if it’s not returned but it’s the principal of the matter.

“I do want that back. Do I think somebody is going to just turn it over or just sneak it back? They may be afraid they’re going to get caught but that’s all I ask, If they’d bring it back, I’ll be fine.”

Lawson did file a police report.

She said she’s thankful to the city for letting her put the memorial there in the first place.