KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Much of the nation is paying close attention to the Gabby Petito case — Petito and her boyfriend were driving on a cross-country trip together until she disappeared in late August. Over the weekend, police said they believed they found Petito’s body.

“When we see Gabby, we see the other people in our life. We see our sisters and our daughters. We want them protected. We want them to know if we send them out with their boyfriend on a road trip, that they’re going to come back. It gets to the heart of everyone when you have something tragic like that happen,” said Dona Carberry, an investigator with the Knoxville Police Department.

While the national spotlight is shining on Petito’s case, Carberry gives a look at what KPD investigates every day. “We have about 600 a year average. We’ve already had about 450 up until this point of this year. But the good thing about it is that most people are located,” she said.

That’s what Carberry said was a big difference between most of Knoxville’s cases and the Petito one. “We’re very lucky in that our cases are almost always resolved in a positive way with getting loved ones back to their families,” she said.

Still, she stressed the importance of tips and information. “We need their eyes and ears. That’s why it’s important to get the information to us,” said Carberry. “If you see something, if you think you recognize someone that has been listed as missing, we would rather get that tip and then run it down and have it be nothing as opposed to never get the information and never get tips. We look to the public for their help.”

You can submit information by calling the non-emergency number 865-215-4010 or through East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers.