Knoxville woman facing several charges after leading police on a car chase

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A Knoxville woman finds herself with several charges after leading police in a vehicle pursuit after shoplifting in early December.

42-year-old Toni Louise Allen has been arrested 21-days after leading officers on a vehicle pursuit after shoplifting from Belk on December 7.

According to an arrest report Allen was approached by KCSO officers after leaving the Belk at 11397 Parkside Drive, with over $100 worth of stolen merchandise in a shopping cart.

Allen then ran to her vehicle and locked herself inside. officers attempted to open the door but were unsuccessful.

A witness was able to exit the vehicle and as soon as he did, Allen sped off almost striking an officer.

The officer then made his way to his patrol car and initiated a pursuit.

Allen was driving recklessly weaving in and out of traffic, driving on the shoulder passing vehicles as she fled.

Officers noticed that during the escape, Allen was throwing items from the vehicle and continued to evade them.

Eventually, officers were ordered to stop pursuing and allowed airwatch to continue following Allen.

Airwatch advised officers that Allen continued to drive recklessly, exceeding 100 mph.

It was at this time that officers were given the go-ahead to continue chasing Allen.

Officers then attempted to box her in on James White Parkway, however, Allen then turned around and struck a patrol cruiser.

The pursuit continued, again officers attempted to box her vehicle in, and she drove off of I-40 East, and then backed into another patrol cruiser and fled again.

Airwatch was canceled, and officers had lost Allen.

Officers located the items that Allen had thrown from her vehicle, they found a piece of aluminum foil with 1.2 grams of crack cocaine, and also found a copper brillo pad (which is used to smoke crack cocaine).

The witness that exited the vehicle, gave officers Allen’s name.

An arrest warrant was served on Dec. 28, and Allen was arrested and charged with: evading arrest risk of death or injury with a vehicle involved, theft of merchandise up to $1,000, simple possession, aggravated assault, two counts aggravated assault upon an officer, and driving while license suspended.

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