Local GOP condemns, Dems defend POTUS impeachment inquiry

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Lakenya Middlebrook, Chair of the Knox County Democratic Party, gained an appreciation for politics and its impact on people’s lives at a young age. A student of history and later a student of law, Middlebrook later gained an appreciate for the Constitution and it’s system of checks and balances.

It’s why she supports the House of Representative’s impeachment inquiry.

“We send folks to Congress to do their job,” Middlebrook said. “Part of their job is oversight. Part of their job is investigation, making sure laws, policies and procedures are being followed.

“It’s important to the health of our country that we are appropriate at all levels of government and no one is above the law,” she said.

Middlebrook said Thursday she isn’t hoping for impeachment, but rather she’s hoping for a fair process and that its findings are made available to the public when it wraps up. She is confident the investigation into a phone call between both President Donald Trump and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has merit.

“It feels, at the very least, concerning, even the implication if it,” Middlebrook said. “Even if you’re not specifically making a quid pro quo ask, the implication that hey, ‘We do a lot for you. I need you to do me a favor,’ … is very concerning.”

Randy Pace serves as the chair of the Knox County Republican Party. He says their primary function is to support local candidates. Then, they focus on state and federal candidates.

Considering the integrity of the leader of our federal government, the leader of his party, is in question, he’s been watching coverage from the Capitol closely.

Pace is troubled because he believes the inquiry followed allegations based solely on the released transcript of the phone call between President Trump and the President of Ukraine. Pace doesn’t see a case against the president.

Pace also read the information released Friday from the whistleblower’s complaint, which he doesn’t believe should be considered as fact, considering it is a secondhand account, and under the First Amendment, he said, anyone can allege anything.

“I’m just not certain that there’s anything there that causes me grave concern where I would expect my elected officials to take the actions they’ve taken,” Pace said.

Pace supports letting the process play out, but doesn’t want allegations to take down the president. Pace said Trump has done an excellent job thus far running the country, especially on the economy.

Pace wouldn’t call it a “witch hunt,” as it’s been referred to by many conservative leaders around the country, but he acknowledged Thursday, he does believe it is a partisan investigation.

“I just don’t know that anything I’ve read says that the president was looking to serve his party over the interests of the country,” Pace said.

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