LOUISVILLE (WATE)- For the first time, the mother of the soldier shot and killed in Roane County spoke out.

A teenager is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of her son, Marstratton Gordon.

That shooting happened in August. A court appearance is set for Wednesday and the hearing will decide whether the trial will move to adult court.

“It is really hard knowing that your kid is never going to come through that front door,” said Monica Turner, Gordon’s mother.

That is why it has taken Turner, until now, to talk about her son. She called him Mar. He was a 23-year-old Army soldier with big dreams.

“He was going to school to be a criminal homicide detective,” she said.

Ironically, a bullet prevents him from doing that. The girlfriend’s brother, who is 15-years-old at the time, allegedly shoots and kills Mar. It happened at a home on Byrd avenue in Harriman.

“I vaguely remember anything that was going on around me. Everything was a blur,” said Turner.

The Harriman Police Department said Mar and his girlfriend had a domestic altercation and then the teenager fired a handgun.

“It wasn’t domestic as far as physical just an argument,” she said.

Turner remembers her son as kind and gentle. She said he would never hurt the brother of his girlfriend and said she is seeking justice for Mar.

“The heaviness is not going to pretty much ever go away but just the relief of it, knowing that justice was served for my son,” Turner said.

Wednesday will be the the first time Turner sees the girlfriend and teenager since Mar’s death. She hopes the trial moves to adult court.

“If you are old enough to be a man and pull a trigger, why shouldn’t you be old enough to go to adult court and do the crime,” said Turner.

Above all, Turner hopes the truth is told. Turner said she feels called to travel to different juvenile detention centers and mentor the kids and said if she can change the life of just one person, then she has done her job.

Turner also said the support from the U.S. Army has helped her through this past year and the casualty officer who comforted her family that first month, still calls to check in.