OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WATE) — A resident of an Oak Ridge apartment complex is voicing her concerns about what she said is a lack of transparency from the complex after an hours-long standoff. 

Glen Duncan, 28, was charged with aggravated domestic assault and possession of a prohibited weapon after a nearly four-hour standoff at the Tara Hills Apartment Complex on Wednesday. He reportedly had made threats to family and others.

Cheyenne Lewis lives at the complex and said she had no idea something was going on until a family member reached out to her. Lewis and her fiancé have lived at Tara Hills Apartments since 2020. 

Lewis said that living at the complex has been “okay,” but yesterday’s standoff has her concerned about her safety and the apartment’s communication between residents. 

“Yesterday it was just a normal day,” she explained. “Me and my fiancé were both off and we were here at the apartment. We were going in and out. The laundry is in a different building. So that’s what we were kind of spending our day doing.” 

Lewis said they had no idea a standoff was happening just yards away, 

“He [her fiancé] received a text from his sister asking if everything was okay here.” 

It was when they went to retrieve their laundry that they noticed officers and SWAT vehicles. 

“We had no idea what was going on and we just assumed that nothing was told to us that either it was short-lived or that it was not that serious of a situation,” Lewis said. “Obviously, they felt like it was serious enough situation to have negotiators and officers, and SWAT members on the property.” 

She added that she believes all residents should have been notified by the complex of what was going on, 

“We have like a texting service that you can do with them. So, he had sent them a text saying basically, that they may need to let people know what was going on on the property, that people have children, that people were still out on the lawns basically, they were still in the common spaces.” 

She says it’s been over 24 hours since the standoff ended, and she still hasn’t heard anything from the complex. We also reached out to Tara Hills about the incident and have not received any type of statement by the time this story aired.