KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knoxville Police officers involved in the Tuesday shootout that left one person dead were not wearing body cameras.

A Knoxville Police Department spokesperson said the current policy “does not explicitly state that Special Operations Squad members are required to wear body cameras and, up to this point, SOS members involved in tactical operations have not worn body cameras.”

They went on to say the policy does not exempt SOS team members from wearing body cameras. However, in light of Tuesday’s incident, KPD is ensuring SOS officers, the members of other specialized units and their supervisors understand officers who have been issued body cameras are required to wear them while acting in those capacities. They are also reviewing their policy to make certain there is no room for interpretation.

Currently, that policy states that:

Officers and vehicles equipped with audio/video recording equipment shall be in a record mode at all times when there is potential for contact with a person in the community, whether on-duty, off-duty, or during secondary employment. Traffic stops, vehicle flight responses, crash scenes and other events, situations, and circumstances including but not limited to armed encounters, hostage situations, barricaded suspects, suicide attempts, acts of physical violence and felonious activity shall be recorded at all times.

General Order No. 2.16

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the shooting that left Bryan Calvin Lee of Knoxville dead.