COSBY, Tenn. (WATE) — One person was pronounced dead after a fatal accident on the Pigeon River, according to the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office.

Cocke County authorities responded a report of a man and and a woman who had fallen out of personally-owned tubes and were struggling in the water on July 21 around 2 p.m.

Swift Water teams from Cocke County and Newport had been deployed when they were informed that the woman was safe on the shoreline and the man was still believed to be in the water. The search continued for the man who was believed to still be in the water, but he was not found in the area. After this, the team shifted into a recovery mission.

According to the report, a kayaker told the recovery team they had found a body about a half a mile downstream from an area known as Pebble Beach.

City and County Swift Water Teams travelled downstream and found a body that matched the description of the man. He has since been identified as Frankie Levone Raymer, who was visiting the area from North Carolina with his family.

The incident was not associated with commercial rafting on the Pigeon River. Raymer was taken downstream to other emergency personnel and transported to Newport Medical Center.