SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — Day in and day out firefighters in Sevier County and surrounding areas have been risking their lives to contain the wildfires. Now they are feeling the aftermath after some departments have lost firetrucks to the flames.

The Pittman Center Volunteer Fire Department was one to experience this. A firefighter left as soon as the first call was made to help contain the Sevier County wildfires, and just shortly after meeting with other crews, the Pittman Center fire chief, Leonard Riggins, said things took a turn quickly.

“The wind picked up, it shifted on them,” he said. “They had nowhere to go so they just had to kind of run. They went into one of the structures that was there for protection, it caught fire. So, they went out the back and escaped down the mountain that way.”

Fighting the fires, but at this moment fighting for their lives. With no time to save the Pittman Center’s truck, it was destroyed.

“Everything is replaceable but nobody else is,” he said.

A personal reminder Riggins said is most memorable dating back to the Gatlinburg blazes.

“Going back to 2016, I was almost one of the ones who never came out,” he said.

Replacing a truck is something Riggins has no problem with, as he’s thankful that his team is okay. The challenge now, however, will be getting the necessary funding.

“It’s very hard for a volunteer department,” he said. “We don’t have a several million-dollar budget. So we rely on donations and the extra funding that we get.”

This multipurpose truck held approximately 2000 gallons of water. To replace it, it will cost anywhere between 300 to 400 thousand dollars, with its expected arrival date to be 18-24 months from the time of the purchase. Until that can happen, the Pittman Center will have to use two of their trucks for the price of one.

“Usually 99 percent of the time, anytime that we had anything, that was the truck that went,” Riggins said.

It’s what the chief said will be a slight burden, but they will make do and continue to serve their community.

“We will work with what we have left, and we’ll be okay,” Riggins said.

The Pittman Center does have a GoFundMe to help raise funds for a new truck.