ATHENS, Tenn. (WATE) — Human remains found in McMinn County nearly a week ago have been identified as a man who has been missing for Georgia since 2016, according to Sheriff Joe Guy.

The investigation into the remains began on October 19, after they were found by a group of hunters in a wooded area off of Highway 30 West.

“The remains were sent to the Forensics Center in Knoxville on Thursday,” said Sheriff Guy. “On Monday we were contacted by retired Fort Oglethorpe Detective Steve Blevins about the possibility of the person being related to a case Detective Blevins had worked in 2016.”

After Blevins contacted the Knox County Regional Forensic Center, the remains were identified as David Abbott of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

Abbott was reported missing from Fort Oglethorpe on June 23, 2016, and the next day his truck was found abandoned in a driveway on County Road 126 in McMinn County, approximately three-quarters of a mile from where his body would later be found. Guy said McMinn County officers and Detective Blevins searched the area, but Abbott was not found.

Fort Oglethorpe Police Detective said this identification will officially close Abbott’s case.

According to family members, Abbott suffered from multiple mental and other health problems, and there is no evidence of foul play, Guy said. Investigators believe that Abbott walked into the wooded area and died shortly after leaving his truck at the road.

“Detective Blevins and our officers had communicated several times over the past six years about this case,” said Sheriff Guy. “So we are fortunate to have located Mr. Abbott, confirm his identity, and bring some peace to his family. We appreciate the assistance of the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department, but especially Detective Blevins, who even in his retirement kept working diligently on this case.”