KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — After three full days of no running water at one West Knoxville apartment complex, the water is back on, sort of. Hudson on the Greenway apartments was without water from Friday, September 24 until the evening of Monday, Sept 27.

Residents say they received an email saying the water in the entire complex would be off to replace the water meter. According to the email, the complex attempted to turn the water back on, but multiple water heaters started bursting. Management decided to turn the water off completely until they could fix the issue.

The water ended up staying off for three days. It was back on by Monday night, but the pressure was still too low to bathe or do laundry. Residents who have had to seek other accommodations now say they want their apartment to compensate them for the inconvenience.

The complex has tried to accommodate residents the best they can — giving out free packs of bottled water and installing porta-potties and handwashing stations, but residents say these are temporary bandaids for a much deeper issue.

“The simple fact of not having water is an inconvenience but on top of that, the services they’re providing, you know bottles of water, it takes a lot more than that to fill the tank of the toilet. It takes a lot more than that to wash your hands you know?” said Katelin Brock, a resident at the complex. “In the two months that I’ve been here, I would say three or four times this has happened now.”

Celia Ball says she’s had water issues before as well. “I’ve been here since June of 2019 and this happens at least once a month,” Ball said.

Although residents say this has happened before, they say three and half days is the longest they’ve had to go without water. It’s causing expenses to pile up.

“This has just exacerbated our financial problems as well because we’ve had to make accommodations to go buy water because they haven’t had enough,” Ball said.

As of Monday night, the water is slowly coming back, but after three days of inconvenience and unexpected expenses, residents now want further action from property management.

“What I want out of this is for Hudson to take some responsibility for their poor planning with the water meter being changed,” Brock said.

“It’s not just about not having water. Bottled water, porta-potties don’t fix the issue for anyone. And all of our tenants here have their own individual needs, we have single moms that are having to miss work to get those free cases of water. We have elderly people that can’t get to them. And I just wish they would consider the individual needs and make a more concerted effort to address their tenants as individuals,” Ball said.

We reached out to representatives with Brookside Properties, who manages Hudson on the Greenway, we have not heard back.