Sevier County commissioner weighs in on Hurst’s critical comments

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SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Greg Haggard, a member of the Sevier County Commission, says fellow Commissioner Warren Hurst is a “great guy” and that he is entitled to his opinion, but Hurst’s views are his own and not those of the Commission or the county’s residents.

Hurst has drawn criticism for his comments made towards presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and claims of persecution during a vote to proclaim Sevier County as a Second Amendment sanctuary.

It’s time folks that we wake up. It’s been time … we’ve got a q***r running for president.

Sevier County 1st District Commissioner Warren Hurst at a Commission meeting on Monday

The comments came from an open County Commission meeting on Monday, Oct. 21.

I’m not prejudice, but by golly a white male in this country has very few rights and they’re getting took more every day.

Sevier County 1st District Commissioner Warren Hurst at a Commission meeting on Monday

Haggard, a representative of the 6th District which includes parts Seymour, has served along Hurst on the Commission for six years.

“I’ve found him to be very honorable, a very giving person,” Haggard said of Hurst on Tuesday. “I have found him to be very county oriented. I know he has done a great job for his district and for the people of Sevier County.”

Haggard did not condemn Hurst’s words but he did specify he doesn’t feel the same way and that the public meeting was not the right place or time for Hurst’s comments.

“I can only speak for myself,” Haggard said. “I do not feel that way. Sevier County is a great county. We do have a lot of great people here and we are a diverse county.”

Haggard believes most people who have been to Sevier County before know the community is a welcoming one.

“I think most people that have been to Sevier County for vacation or tourism, or the Great Smoky Mountains, realize what kind of people we are here in the county,” Haggard said. “We are a loving people. We are accepting people. We want people to come and see what God has done here in the mountains; the beauty he has given us.”

Haggard described Sevier County as a place that even if people don’t agree with you, they won’t push you away from the dinner table.

“You don’t have to agree with everybody about everything,” Haggard said. “But I believe it’s our responsibility to love everybody.”

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