An unforgettable weekend for several students from the Tennessee School for the Deaf. The 8th through 12th graders had the chance to go to UT’s homecoming game Saturday.

Friday, we told you about a school supervisor’s efforts to secure 15 tickets to the UT-Charlotte matchup. Shortly after our report aired, University Athletics called 6 on Your Side reporter Elizabeth Kuebel with an incredible offer. The school donated all 15 of those tickets.

A special weekend on the University of Tennessee campus as they celebrate homecoming, but for the group of students it’s extra special.

“UT is my dream college, so I’ve been wanting to come here to a UT football game so long,” said TSD senior Wilma Robinson.

Robinson spoke to us through an interpreter, as she and her friends geared up to take in Volunteer football and all its glory.

“UT gave me a call yesterday and said we would love to give you 15 tickets all together,” said residential supervisor Rachel Loope. “I was shocked. I think I told my husband I’m on the phone with University of Tennessee athletic department.”

As the students walked inside Neyland Stadium’s gates, Wilma was most excited about one thing.

“Just to feel the different vibrations and the beats going up through my body it’s going to be great,” she said

The community support was not lost on this group of students and their residential supervisor. In fact, Loope says many different people stepped up to help out.

“I just want to thank Knoxville for just showing the love. With all the hate that’s in the world and all the horrible things that are going on it’s so nice to know that Knoxville and our community is so loving,” said Loope.

This was the first UT football game for all but one of those students.