KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — While the I-640 Reconstruction Project is in Phase 2, the Tennessee Department of Transportation is evaluating if further measures should be taken about potholes on bridges.

The reconstruction project was simply planned to take the asphalt down to the concrete underneath, break up the concrete and put new asphalt down that would improve the longevity and rideability of I-640, TDOT spokesman Mark Nagi said.

Nagi said no formal repairs were planned for bridges, only for those surfaces would be milled and repaved after the roadway portion of the project was finished.

The increasing number of these potholes occurring on bridges are what Nagi says is leading TDOT to evaluate if additional measures need to be taken.

Using a view from a TDOT SmartWay camera showing I-640 at Washington Pike, Nagi pointed out where you can see where previous paving projected ended just before the bridge.

Nagi also explained that the area in the center line on the bridge is what’s called a pavement joint, where the paved portion of the bridge and a previous shoulder pavement meet. TDOT crews were seen at the location pictured on Wednesday, repairing potholes.