KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Antisemitic messages were being spread across parts of West Knox County this week. A Knoxville father taking his son to school on Monday morning came across a startling discovery in his driveway.

“I noticed a bag in the driveway with flyers in it and when I opened it up, they were all flyers of hate speech,” Wes Human said. “Antisemitic propaganda.”

The bags were scattered across a quiet neighborhood in the Cedar Bluff area, which angered both Human and his neighbors.

“They had seen them and they were equally upset and we just don’t want that here in our neighborhood,” Human said. “There’s no place for it anywhere and especially when it comes to your neighborhood.”

Human said that he can not fathom why anybody would do such a thing in a neighborhood filled with kids.

“As much as we see equality and want to bring everybody together, there’s still people out there that are trying to spread hate,” Human said.

Human emphasized his sorrow for those responsible.

“You have this much hate that you put this much effort into doing something like this just to spread hate when you could take that hate and do so many other things with it,” Human said.

Officials with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and the Knoxville Police Department said that they are currently looking into this matter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated.