Tips from the National Weather Service to make sure you’re aware and ready for severe weather

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TENNESSEE (WATE) – National Weather Service out of Nashville sharing a post on Twitter on how important it is to make sure you know when severe weather is heading in your direction.

  1. It is critically important that everyone have at least TWO ways of receiving warning information. This is especially important here in Tennessee where we lead the nation in nighttime tornadoes. We saw this Monday night.
  2. No technology is 100% dependable. Phone lines can go down. Weather can take down transmitters. Cell phone settings may override the audible alarm on weather alerts. Please, don’t put your life in the hands of only one warning method.
  3. NOAA Weather Radio remains one of the most dependable alert systems. But even this should not be relied on by itself.
  4. And please heed this important note on tornado sirens: THEY ARE ONLY MEANT TO BE HEARD OUTDOORS. A tornado siren is meant to alert you to get inside and seek more information. If you are relying on sirens to alert you of a tornado while at home you are putting your life in the hands of a system that is not intended to do this.
  5. Please ensure you have at least two devices INSIDE your home to alert you of dangerous weather. This may include a cell phone (sound turned ON), a NOAA Weather Radio or a reliable weather app and/or calling service.


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