KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — It’s no surprise some renovations are in order following the University of Tennessee’s (UT) incredible win over the Alabama Crimson Tide. What did surprise some Vols fans was a fundraiser meant to raise money for new goalposts.

For those wondering if the fundraiser is legitimate, the answer is yes. It has raked in thousands and thousands of dollars.

At last check, fans had donated 150,215 which is over the overall goal of $150,000.

According to UT, a new set of goalposts will cost between $10-20,000 dollars, which means there will be thousands of dollars left over. However, school officials say the rest of the money will be spent on installation fees and other repairs, like those needed on the turf.

If there’s any money left over, those funds will be given to other varsity athletic programs.

“Any funds raised beyond these costs would be directed, through the Tennessee Fund, to Tennessee’s 20 varsity athletic programs in support of student-athletes’ academic and competitive pursuits,” said Tom Satkowiak, Associate Athletics Director of Communications.

But the question plaguing Vols fans remains. Will the goalposts be ready by this weekend’s homecoming game?

The school says yes. Mainly because UT has stored a spare set of goalposts in storage ever since the iconic win against Florida back in 1998.

However, University of Tennessee at Martin Chancellor Keith Carver joked on Twitter saying “If you don’t get those goalposts replaced in time, we’ll be happy to move next week’s game to U-T Martin. It’s the least we can do.”

In other news, one of UT’s fallen goalposts now has a Twitter account. You can find it here.