KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — As Republicans across the country wait for former President Donald Trump’s “very big announcement,” political experts are taking note that it comes at an interesting time for the Republican Party.

According to University of Tennessee Knoxville Professor of Law Glenn Reynolds, if Trump does choose to make a run for a second term, he could meet several challenges along the way.

“He’s the energizer bunny,” said Reynolds, who specializes in Constitutional Law. “He keeps going and going.”

Despite that energy, Reynolds believes the former president will have to find a way to keep his current supporters while also attracting those that have turned to other candidates.

“I think there are some people who kind of like the idea of Trump pulling a Grover Cleveland, you know, where you get kicked out and then you come back four years later,” explained Reynolds. “While I’m sure that would be very satisfying to Trump, I think for a lot of Republicans they want somebody who can carry the standard farther and harder.”

As Republicans determine who their nominee will be, one name seems to be on the rise: Ron DeSantis, who Reynolds says, may prove to be a challenge to the former president.

“In a way, Ron DeSantis has sort of been like the shadow president,” Reynolds told WATE. “He’s been running a state, one of the biggest states in the country. He did COVID, he’s done well with his economy. He’s done a lot of executive stuff so Trump is doing what politicians do. He’s trying to take him out early, but I think it backfired on him.”

That “backfiring” refers to recent criticism DeSantis received from the former president following last week’s midterm election.

“Coming off a big election where he won a colossal victory and turned Florida red, DeSantis was not weak and it was a bad time to attack him,” said Reynolds.

Despite any attacks or backfires, Reynolds says former President Trump seems poised to give it his best shot.

“I would not be shocked to see Trump start barnstorming the country with rallies. That’s kind of one of his signature moves. He can turn out a crowd anywhere still, so go where you’re strong, that would be something I would expect him to do.”

Reynolds also spoke about the Democratic environment. According to the professor, the Democratic landscape isn’t all that different than the Republican.

Reynolds says President Biden’s obvious successor would be Kamala Harris. However, Reynolds believes her popularity has fallen flat, leaving the Democratic nominee also up in the air.

EDITOR’S NOTE: At the time of this posting, an official time for Former President Donald Trump’s announcement has not been released.