KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — One woman is still desperate for answers seven and a half years after her husband was murdered in Knoxville.

Paul Shepherd Jr. was working as a taxi driver when he was killed in June of 2014 near the Montgomery Village apartments. It was only his second day on the job. There’s now a push for more information in the case.

“Wherever he was needed, people knew they could call him and ask for help or whatever. He was just a really good guy,” said Paul’s wife, Beverley Shepherd. “It’s never going to be the same, I’m always going to check that widow box.”

Even though it’s been years since Beverley lost her husband, talking about his death never gets easier.

“He’s missed a lot. He’s missed birthdays, he’s missed everything. He worked so hard with my son to get his eagle scout, and my son got his eagle scout, and he wasn’t there. Graduation. My son turned 21, got married and joined the army this year, and he wasn’t there for any of it,” she said.

Paul was shot and killed in June of 2014 while working as a taxi driver. He briefly picked up the job to help make ends meet.

“His vehicle for work broke down, so he was just doing it to earn a little extra money,” said Beverley.

Police say they’ve talked to several people who say they witnessed the shooting and have developed leads over the years, but they say they need more.

It’s not the first time officers have re-visited the case. They went back to the scene of the crime in 2016 seeking answers.

That is what Beverley wants more than anything. In fact, she said she’s willing to directly ask her husband’s killers.

“I’d be happy to be able to talk to them and say why? What happened? What were you doing, what were you trying to accomplish? Just answers and I know I’ll never get them, but that’s what I need is answers,” she said.

If you’ve got any information on Shepherd’s murder, you can submit a tip to East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers. You can call 865-215-7165 or go online at Remember, you will remain anonymous.