KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knoxville drivers don’t need to be told I-640 isn’t in the best condition. The World’s Fair-era roadway bounces, jostles and frustrates up to 87,000 drivers each day.

But there’s good news on the horizon.

The second phase of the state’s I-640 reconstruction plan is scheduled to get underway soon. TDOT maintains a webpage dedicated to the project that predicts a mid-to-late June start date for the eastern side of the bypass.

“Much of the roadway is in substandard condition and needs to be repaired or replaced,” the website said.

An update on that website says a $21 million contract was signed with Rogers Group, Inc. in April. The company, headquartered in Nashville, dates back to the 1940s and the Manhattan Project. They operate more than 50 quarries and 30 asphalt plants with projects in 11 states with regional offices, including one in Knoxville.

The 10-mile east-west loop around the City of Knoxville is being resurfaced or reconstructed, according to TDOT. Due to the length of the road, the project was divided into two phases.

Illustration courtesy of Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Phase 1 of the project involved removing the top layer of asphalt and replacing it with two layers. That’s been done on the west side of Knoxville between I-40 and the I-75/I-275 intersection.

Now, Phase 2 is scheduled to begin at the I-75/I-275 intersection and runs east – past the former East Town Mall area and out to where the bypass meets up with I-40 on the east side of the city.

More information on the reconstruction effort is expected later this week.