Tri-County Sanitation company abruptly shuts down — president says he was betrayed


MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — After the abrupt closure of Tri-County Sanitation, the president is speaking out in an effort to clear things up.

Thousands of Tri-County Sanitation customers have been left wondering what to do after their trash service abruptly stopped, but they were still charged for the service.

Stephanie Solomon says over $100 came out of her account last week to cover the next three months.

“I didn’t really understand how that could happen and why they had debited everyone’s accounts because I had other neighbors saying ‘oh yeah they just took out my payment too.’ There was no notice, we didn’t get anything, they just didn’t show up,” Solomon said.

Dody Hamilton also paid in advance, but had to take her trash to a local dump herself.

“We put our trash out Thursday night come Friday morning, it wasn’t picked up.” Hamilton said.

Tri-County Sanitation president, Vinney Loy says he was completely blindsided. He put the company in the hands of his general manager while he went through chemotherapy treatments. He says the general manager allegedly shut down the business, wiped computers, and took customer information and 12 employees with him.

Loy says the remaining employees were forced to quit because they could not handle the 8,000-customer workload on their own. He sent out a letter Saturday to customers, informing them that he was “betrayed” and he is working to resolve the issue.

Now, a new trash company called Waste Masters has appeared, and it’s run by the former general manager of Tri-County Sanitation. Loy says he believes the general manager stole information in hopes of using the same customers for himself.

“They’ve made some statements and done some things to limit our ability to get back to our customers, they wiped our computers clean, and made sure we didn’t have much left to work with whatsoever, took some employees with them,” Loy said.

Loy says he was even planning to leave a portion of the company to the general manager.

“I will lose a lot as a result of it. He stole from my family, really. This was going to be my kids’ inheritance, and he was going to be one of them. And he knows that very well. I wouldn’t have ever done anything to harm him and he should know that,” Loy said.

Loy says he’s tried repeatedly to contact the general manager, calling and texting, but there hasn’t been a response. The former general manager of Tri-County and new owner of Waste Masters sent us a statement denying all claims made by Vinney Loy:

I was an employee of Tri-County Sanitation. I turned in my two week notice at the beginning of June because I did not agree with the ethical decisions the ownership was making. There are a lot of false statements and rumors on social media going around that are very hurtful to me and my family. At no time was money or clients taken from Tri-County Sanitation. I simply left the company for a new job and other coworkers decided to leave as well. We all feel the ownership is trying to blame us for their mismanagement of the situation.

Former General Manager of Tri-County Sanitation

On Monday, Loy released an update, saying all Tri-County customers can go to Waste Connections of Tennessee. Waste Connections had agreed to honor Tri-County prices.

Loy says he doesn’t have access to customer records, so he isn’t sure if or when refunds can be issued.


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