(NEXSTAR) – A traveler at Boston’s Logan Airport was recently stopped at a security checkpoint with a glass replica rifle in his carry-on baggage, according to a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration.

“Ever seen a glass replica firearm?” Dan Velez, the TSA spokesperson for the New England region, wrote in a Twitter post on Wednesday. “Our @TSA officers at @BostonLogan did when they detected this bad boy during a security screening.”

Along with his tweet, Velez shared a photo of the replica assault rifle, which appeared to have a colored glass grip and “magazine.” The replica was also being transported in its own case, the image shows.

Velez confirmed that the traveler, from California, was ultimately allowed to board the plane after checking the replica firearm, which would not be allowed in carry-on luggage under the TSA’s current posted policies.

“Firearm replicas are not allowed in passenger carry-on bags. They must be placed in your checked bag,” Velez said in an emailed statement shared with Nexstar.

Unlike replica firearms, the TSA says that toy guns are “generally permitted” in carry-on bags, though it’s recommended that they be checked. Any toys that resemble realistic weapons, however, are prohibited, and it’s up to the discretion of on-duty TSA officers to prohibit such items “if they believe it poses a security threat,” according to the TSA.

Meanwhile, replicas of explosive devices like hand grenades are “always prohibited” from both carry-on and checked bags, the TSA notes.