KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Twins Autumn Shaw and Amber Tramontana have done everything together since they came into this world. Much like their physical features, their paths in life have been almost identical.

“From childhood to homecoming to high school to college and nursing school, nurse practitioner school, our sons who are 10 weeks apart, having them close in age and now our girls.” Autumn said.

The twins experienced their first pregnancies together. Their two year old sons were born 10 weeks apart and came out the same weight and length. This time around, they learned they were both having girls, due on October 29, which is also their birthday.

Autumn and Amber’s gender reveal

For Autumn, this pregnancy came at a time when she and her husband were healing from a miscarriage.

“We didn’t really understand God’s plan or why that happened to us, we knew that it was common, but we knew he had a bigger plan and we just trusted that plan.” Autumn said.

A few months later, she found out she was pregnant again and so was Amber. It was another milestone they would get to experience together. They say they believe giving birth on the same day was a part of God’s plan.

“We wanted our kids to have the same experience that we had growing up. That’s why we wanted to have babies close together. But we didn’t plan that it was going to be this close together,” Amber said.

This year, for their 33rd birthday, they spent it together as they have in the past, but this time, they were in neighboring rooms at Fort Sanders Regional Hospital in Knoxville. Separated only by a wall, they gave birth to two healthy girls just 90 minutes apart.

Left to Right: Autumn Shaw holding Charleston Shaw and Amber Tramontana holding Blakely Tramontana

Their doctor, George Vick, says in his 45 years of practice, he hasn’t seen anything like this.

“It’s something that’s really an unusual thing. It was when we found out they both had the same due dates. It was just a God thing the whole way,” said Dr. Vick.

It was a miracle they couldn’t explain, and didn’t plan. And even though their daughters aren’t twins, these babies will have a lifetime of memories they can share together, just like their mothers.

With four birthdays now on the same day, the families say they’re most looking forward to the joint birthday parties.